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My niece is kind of... a useless intern at the moment. She was super sheltered by her mother, my brother travels for work... so she has no real life skills.
I own a business and took Ally [18] under my wing. She lives in my basement apartment [I live above her] and I am pretty much building an adult from the ground up. Everything from how to dress in the workplace to how to use a computer properly outside of Facebook and Instagram.
It's working. It's just frustrating for Ally because she should know a lot of this stuff. But her mom is very, very controlling. I expect I am going to do this with my other niece Savannah when she graduates in a few years.
But it's working out well. Ally is going to start community college in September. But until then I am having her sit in my office and do various small tasks, take an online Microsoft Word tutorial, and catch up on various life goals.
I have been running my own business for six years now. I took it over from my Mother when she retired. My brother has no interest in the business, though he was offered some stake.
My mother ran the business for 37 years before I took it over. She hired a woman named Belladonna [54F] who has worked there for 24 years. As such, Belladonna feels she is pillar for the company and has asked to become a manager. She has tried to take on managerial roles before, but I wouldn't give her that job if someone paid me.
She is a little snarky, but I had no issue with it. Until I caught her calling Ally "Cinderella" and "Princess." She was also ordering Ally to get her coffee. When Ally said she was working on something, Belladonna told her "well, I guess you just sit down and do nothing then."
I fired her on the spot.
My Mother thinks I was an asshole for doing that. But I don't tolerate people who think being older means they have a right to be snarky. I told people what Ally was doing at the job, and that she was not an intern. She was simply my niece assisting me on stuff I needed help with.


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